Edge Profiles

Figure 1

Mitered Edge

Choosing Your Edge Profile

Choosing the edge profile is an important decision that deserves some consideration when looking at your options. Each edge profile offers a different style and can vary in durability to fit the unique design and function of your home.”

For Example:

A mitered edge, like the one shown in (figure 1), is created when the corners of two slabs are cut to a 45 degree angle and seamlessly joined together. It is used to create an  “Apron” front edge on a countertop to make it appear thicker. It is also used to create waterfall legs that run to the floor on the sides of islands or at the end of a countertop run to create a sleek modern look.”

Small Ogee

Demi Bullnose


1/8" Eased

1/4" Eased

Full Bullnose

Top Round

Chiseled Edge

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